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About Us

We are a group of friends from all over the world and different paths of life (subs, doms, switches, different genders, sexual orientations, cultures and backgrounds). We have two goals in common: making knowledge about gentle BDSM be more accessible to everyone and breaking some of the taboos we currently have surrounding kink in general. Creating a sex positive environment so we can better discuss sexuality is something that all of us are striving for as well.

Some of our members have a professional background in healthcare and are very experienced in the BDSM scene in general, so we thought these aspects could be useful to create content that is safe to be used as a resource.

We are not the source of all truth, but since there is no organized database for knowledge in gentle BDSM, we decided to put our minds together to create something that could be used as a reference. We are open to criticism and we often ask for help from members of our community, so that it's possible to get more than one perspective regarding a certain kink.

Everyone is welcome here and we really hope the content you find in our outlets ends up being useful for you somehow! <3

Main Staff


Miss Yersi


Community idealizer and content creator, healthcare provider and domme

Even though she chose an ominous name as her pseudonym, Yersinia Pestis, known as Yersi in the community, means absolutely no harm X3 (she's just a microbiology nerd).

Yersi is a physician by day and domme by night. She is currently undergoing a Human Sexuality program as her post-grad studies. 

Yersi has always been interested in sex positive environments and BDSM, but her direct involvement with the community began only in 2018. She created the Gentle Dungeon subreddit in July 2020 with the intentions of supplying the gentle BDSM community with trustworthy resources on its practices.

She's responsible for maintaining the website and subreddit mostly (so if you find the visual identity of this place weird as hell, you know who to blame).




Content creator, physician (neurosurgery), kinky scientist and subby switch

Hypnos is an optimistic nihilist obsessed with human history and all of its intricacies. A weeb, a gamer, a medical doctor from the field of neurosurgery and a passionate kinkster who also enjoys making silly jokes to alleviate the mood whenever possible.

In his spare time, he loves to dissect and analyze sexual kinks, their origins, risks and benefits, as well as the neurophysiology of love, affection and intimacy, and everything else that may even remotely relate to neuroscience or the medical field.

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