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Stockroom + Gentle Dungeon

Stockroom is an awesome sex shop focused on BDSM where you can safely shop for high quality kinky gear, latex outfits and corsetry/lingerie. Use our special link so we can make a small commission on your purchase and you can help this community grow! <3

You want to explore your kinky side and not go broke. The Stockroom is here for you. That's what we have been doing since 1988: creating, producing, and sourcing quality toys, tools, and apparel to everyone with an itch to scratch and not a lot of scratch. The Stockroom is the original internet source for quality sex toys, online and selling to tech-savvy fans of kink since 1990. We've now been selling sex toys, bondage gear, and restraints online for over 30 years, catering to curious novices and extreme BDSM players alike.

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