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Affiliates and Partners

Talking about sex on the internet is hard (no pun intended). You're often not recommended to other people because of algorithms and the entire subject is still taboo overall. 

Do you have a kink-friendly, sex positive project and would like to have a partnership? Contact us (see how you can do it here). We'd be happy to take a look at it and build up a community of good resources around this topic! <3

Disclaimer: we reserve ourselves the right to say no to a potential partner if we consider the content to be inappropriate.

Current Affiliate Programs 

Lovense + Gentle Dungeon banner.png
Tantus + Gentle Dungeon banner.png
Stockroom + Gentle Dungeon banner.png
Fleshlight + Gentle Dungeon banner.png
She Bop + Gentle Dungeon banner.png
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