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Exomoon by Lovense: A Review

This may look like a lipstick review, but in reality, we are here to talk about something much, much naughtier. X3

#Exomoon is a bullet vibrator disguised as a lipstick recently released by #Lovense. As some of you may know, Lovense is an awesome sex toy brand. They make high quality body safe products that can, among other things, be connected to their app and allow you to play with people all over the world.

Exomoon is their latest release, and I was super excited! I really like bullet vibes – they are versatile and fun to play with – and this one was especially pretty, given that it resembles a high-end lipstick. The name is also amazing (shout out if you're also an astronomy nerd).

I was a bit worried that it might not be potent enough though, as I have had that issue with other bullet vibrators before. Spoilers: I was wrong!

I’ll detail my experience with it, as well as my overall opinions about the toy in this review, and hopefully it’ll be helpful to you if you’re considering acquiring this product.

A few details about the toy as displayed in the promotional video made by Lovense

1) Contents

The product comes in a small box, together with two manuals (a set up guide and an user manual), a charging cable (that connects magnetically to the toy and has a standard USB port on the other), and a little black silky bag, where you can place your toy.

2) Information

The toy by itself weighs 30 grams and has a warranty of one year. It is waterproof (IP7X) and the brand recommends pairing it with water based lube if necessary.

3) Appearance

I think in this case, the appearance of the product is especially important, since this is supposed to be a stealthy sex toy.

As a lipstick hoarder, I can honestly say this can easily pass as a high-end lipstick, if someone ever decides to probe your belongings for whatever reason, and you want to conceal your naughtiest possessions.

The outside is black and rubbery, like many lipsticks are nowadays. There’s a tiny silver button near the base, which is where you turn it on and off and set the intensity. The tip that vibrates (the red bullet) is also rubbery, made of body safe silicone. At the base, there’s a little silicone cover that you peel off to reveal the charging port.

4) Performance

As I said before, I was worried if this toy was going to be powerful enough, since I prefer more intense vibrations, and bullet vibrators aren’t known to be the stronger ones. All I have to say is, I was not disappointed! This toy is incredibly powerful, and it felt like more than enough for me on its strongest sets. It reminded me of the clit vibrator placed on the Nora, the rabbit vibrator from the same brand.

You press the power button to turn it on, and the toy will give you a tiny “vrr” as a response, so you know it is awake. From then onwards, you click the button to go through the vibration patterns. As is the case for other toys from the same brand, the first three are continuous vibrations in different intensities (from weakest to strongest). The following sets are a few variations of patterns. You can also make your own pattern in the app, with your toy connected to it.

Something that I noticed is that, with prolonged use, the toy became hotter, but not uncomfortably so. The same thing can happen to the Nora if you use it for long enough. This is normal and expected to happen. It was kind of nice too!

5) Connectivity

As is the case with other Lovense products, this toy can be connected to their app and used remotely. I tested mine and it connected perfectly. It was readily responsive and the set up was easy to do.

I haven’t tested using it long distance, but I imagine it should work well, as is the case with their other toys.

6) Battery Life

Like with all other Lovense products I own, this toy has a Viking warrior of a battery. I used it on varying degrees of intensity, alongside with a connection to the app on my phone, for roughly an hour. All of this barely made a dent on the amount of battery left (you can check on the battery life with your toy connected to the app).

Full charging time, as per specs offered by Lovense, is 125 minutes, with use time up to 177 minutes.

7) Uses

Like any bullet vibrator, this toy is incredibly versatile. Aside from the obvious clit stimulation, it can be used on nipples, on the glans (aka the pp’s heads), on any part of your body that might be sensitive to vibrations. The only use I would not recommend is for anal penetration, as this toy is tiny and does not have a flared base, making it perfect for getting lost up your forbidden cave and granting you an awkward trip to the ER.

The fact that this product is stealthy, small and powerful, makes it a perfect choice to take on a trip. Only the folks who scan your bag at the airport will know your secret!

8) Pricing and shopping

This product is currently selling for the price of 74 US dollars at their website. It is certainly not cheap, but it’s a very fair price to be paid for its quality and how many different things you can get from just one toy.

It is important to notice that, if Lovense ships to your country, your purchase will be handled domestically. That means you won’t have to worry about customs and import taxes, and the only price you’ll pay is for the products themselves.

I live in northern Europe and all times I ordered something from their website, I got it in the mail roughly five days after my purchase and payment had been confirmed.

9) Conclusion

In my honest opinion, this toy is a blast. It’s portable, versatile, and stealthy, alongside with all other qualities Lovense products have (connectivity with their app, possibility to personalize vibrations, long distance use, high quality overall in all aspects). If you are looking for a good, trustworthy, and powerful bullet vibrator, I would say this one is an excellent choice. The only aspect that worried me is that it gets warm if you use it in a stronger intensity for a prolonged amount of time, but this is expected to happen, and the warmth does not feel uncomfortable at all. It can add a bit of sensation play to your adventures!

If you think this review was helpful, consider using our link to purchase the toy. We get a small commission from any sales made using this link, and that helps us maintain this project alive and produce more free educational content for everyone.

Thank you for reading!

- Yersi

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