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Tips for Beginner Dom(me)s

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1) Blindfolds are your best friends!

2) Go to r/gonewildaudio and listen to some dom audios to get inspiration. Literotica has stories that can provide some ideas to replicate in private too.

3) Talk to your partner and expose your insecurities to them. Also, ask them about their kinks and what do they expect from being dominated. Remember that both of you can have hard limits and specific kinks, and these should be respected.

4) Start with simpler things that you both are interested in.

5) Role-play can help a lot! Just pretending to be someone else can take off the edge for the first few times.

6) Plan a scene before, and don't be frustrated if it doesn't go exactly like you wanted to!

7) Talk to your partner afterwards thoroughly about what each of you felt, both the good and the bad parts.

8) Remember that everyone gets better with experience!

9) Do a bit of research and familiarize yourself with basic concepts such as safe words, aftercare, dom/subdrop, etc.

10) Have fun. That's the whole point of it ^^

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