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Caregiver/little type dynamic

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Folks who participate in CGL or age play are 18+ consenting adults. They are both informed, and freely  able to provide/revoke their consent  for play.  As legal adults, these individuals accept the responsibility for their own agency,  as well as their respective mental well-being. 


  • CGL = Caregiver / Little: a term which is used for gender inclusivity, and by folks who do not use Mommy/Daddy titles

  • MDlg, MDlb, DDlg, DDlb: terms for specific dynamics that include gender specific labels 

    • MD = Mommy Domme

    • DD = Daddy Dom 

    • Lg = Little Girl 

    • Lb = Little Boy

  • Generic Age Titles 

    • Little = Blanket term to include generally all age players interested in playing a younger age 

    • ABDL = Adult Baby Diaper Lover 

    • Middle = Preteen or teen age 

      • As with any title, remembering etiquette is important with nicknames. It is both rude, and a violation of consent to call someone a title without  prior discussion. It is unfair to assume a role for someone. Role-assumption can be potentially triggering to individuals who are mislabeled; especially if said individual  has previously struggled with gender dysphoria. 

General Dynamic (with variations)

general dynamic

Typically in CGL dynamics, the Caregiver assumes the role of dominant/top while the Little assumes the role of submissive/bottom. The Caregiver is often a protector of sorts, and cares for the Little in diverse ways, depending on dynamic-specific agreements, and individual preferences. The Caregiver assigns rules or tasks which help the Little stay healthy, focused, and/or promote the Little’s personal growth. Caretakers often find great pleasure in providing this sort of structure and assistance. 

  • Variations 

    • Dominant Littles 

    • Gender play outside of CGL (ex: men who identify as  women while little, but do not otherwise identify as a woman (outside of that context). 

    • CGL paired with other role plays: a common example being pet play

    • Switching in CGL 

  • The switching indicates a transition or switch from “dominant CareGiver” to “submissive Little” or “submissive Little” to “dominant CareGiver”

  •  Other examples include: “dominant CareGiver” to “submissive CareGiver”; “submissive Little” to “dominant Little”. Switching in CGL is not limited to the listed combinations; these examples are simply mentioned to exemplify the diversity within CGL.

  • Important note: not all CGL is sexual 

    • For some CGL is absolutely never sexual. For others, CGL could be either sexual, or non-sexual, depending upon the context.

Rules and Discipline

rules and discipline

Rules and discipline can be present in power dynamics and other BDSM kink play; however, there is a noted emphasis on these elements in CGL. The specific rules and level of discipline should be negotiated openly between consenting parties, and a focus made on personal/collective goals within the dynamic.

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