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Basic concepts

Erotic smothering refers to any mechanical obstruction of the flow of air from the environment into the mouth and/or nostrils by covering the mouth and nose. Examples include breast smothering, facesitting (also known as queening or kinging), thigh locks or the use of tools such as pillows or plastic bags. Smothering can be either partial or complete, where partial indicates that the person being smothered is able to inhale some air, although less than required. Smothering requires at least partial obstruction of both the nasal cavities and the mouth to lead to asphyxia (see breath play for more information about erotic asphyxiation).


It is possible to practice smothering without necessarily involving breath play, especially with the aforementioned breast smothering, facesitting and thigh locks. In this case, the feelings of envelopment and implied submission are generally responsible for the arousal.


Besides the risks related to the reduced intake of air, erotic smothering can lead to trauma of face structures, especially the nose. This risk can be reduced by gradually increasing the strength on practices such as thigh locks, as well as avoiding the use of one's whole body weight when facesitting. 


Be aware of the symptoms related to a nasal fracture (broken nose): 


- Pain or tenderness, especially when touching the nose;

- Swelling of the nose and surrounding areas;

- Nose bleeding or bruising;

- Difficulty breathing through your nose;

- Feeling that one or both of your nasal passages are blocked.


In case of doubt, a physician should be consulted.

Definitely do so if one of the following symptoms are present:


- Associated head or neck injury (when the trauma's energy is bigger, e.g. if suddenly facesitting with one's whole body weight);

- Difficulty breathing;

- Bleeding you can't stop;

- A noticeable change in the shape of your nose that isn't related to swelling, such as a crooked or twisted appearance;

- Clear, watery fluid draining from your nose.


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