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Updated: Jul 15, 2021

The GentleDungeon team is proud to present the internet's first website containing resources on how to practice gentle BDSM in a safe way.

Our team is composed by members of the kinky community and healthcare professionals, which helps us produce content that is trustworthy.

We still haven't had the opportunity to write all the articles we intend to have on this place, and we will update you through this space once they get published.

We will also use our blog space to write about topics and discussions regarding gentle BDSM.

Thank you so much for your visit and consider supporting us if you like our content. It's extremely hard to monetize NSFW content that isn't explicit pornography and we spend lots of hours maintaining this space, the subreddit and our Discord server. Any contribution, small or big, makes a giant difference for us.

Have an awesome day!


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