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An on-going project being developed by the Gentle Dungeon team and the first gentle BDSM resources platform on the internet!


Hello, fellow human! I assume you are here because this topic interests you, and you might want to learn a bit more about it with no judgement and without ending up in shady parts of the internet. What would you like to do first?

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What is Gentle BDSM?

Gentle BDSM is the notion of applying gentleness to the mindset of a BDSM dynamic. It's a mindset for a scene, not a specific group of practices within BDSM. Although we do not presume to shame anyone who prefers a non-gentle approach to these practices, our goal is to focus on them in association with a few key-words: a strong sense of care, consideration and affection, to create a supportive and affirmative environment that brings a feeling of safety to those involved, even when practicing kinks that could be seen as harsher.

what is BDSM though?
i have no idea what you're talking about
idk bro i just wanted some porn
where can i start learning about this?
is this the real life? is this just fantasy?

If you want to learn more about gentle BDSM and lots of different kinks, please check our

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Get to know our upcoming projects

This is an ongoing project and some of our content is not yet available. It takes a long time and a lot of work and research to write an article, so keep in mind we will always be adding new resources as we go. We'll keep working in new projects as well, like the blog and the podcast. By subscribing to our Newsletter, you'll always be updated when we publish new stuff!

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Help us keep this project going

It's very hard to maintain a NSFW project that is not porn. There are costs to maintaining all of our platforms and hours of work spent on creating content for you. Knowledge should be public access to everyone, but if you like what we are doing, consider supporting us with one of the options below:

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